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Nunjucks Changelog

Changelog for
nunjucks, a javascript templating system based on jinja2
Oct 11 '12

v0.1.5 - macros, keyword arguments, bugfixes

v0.1.5 has been pushed to npm, and it’s a big one. Please file any issues you find, and I’ll fix them as soon as possible!

  • The node data structure has been completely refactored to reduce redundancy and make it easier to add more types in the future.
  • Thanks to Brent Hagany, macros now have been implemented. They should act exactly the way jinja2 macros do.
  • A calling convention which implements keyword arguments now exists. All keyword args are converted into a hash and passed as the last argument. Macros needed this to implement keyword/default arguments.
  • Function and filter calls apply the new keyword argument calling convention
  • The “set” block now appropriately only sets a variable for the current scope.
  • Many other bugfixes.

I’m watching this release carefully because of the large amount of code that has changed, so please file an issue if you have a problem with it.