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Nunjucks Changelog

Changelog for
nunjucks, a javascript templating system based on jinja2
Nov 13 '12

v0.1.6 - undefined handling, bugfixes

This is mostly a bugfix release, but there are a few small tweaks based on feedback:

  • In some cases, backslashes in the template would not appear in the output. This has been fixed.
  • An error is thrown if a filter is not found
  • Old versions of express are now supported (2.5.11 was tested)
  • References on undefined objects are now suppressed. For example, {{ foo }}, {{ }}, {{ }} all output nothing if foo is undefined. Previously only the first form would be suppressed, and a cryptic error thrown for the latter 2 references. Note: I believe this is a departure from jinja, which throws errors when referencing undefined objects. I feel that this is a good and non-breaking addition though. (thanks to devoidfury)
  • A bug in set where you couldn’t not reference other variables is fixed (thanks chriso and panta)
  • Other various small bugfixes

You can view all the code changes here. As always, file an issue if something breaks!